How Can Admission Officials View Essay Writing Website On Line Senior School Classes?

How Can Admission Officials View On Line Senior School Classes?

I am contemplating going my daughter (a grader that is 10th from public college to online-only classes. The classes are taught and led by accredited teachers and tend to be provided by our college region — the only distinction is the young ones take them online rather than in college. Do colleges view these classes differently than they would in-person classes taken at a school? I’d like to switch her to online just but I do not are interested to hurt her odds of getting into a good college.

A move from a conventional general public high school to classes on the web will raise eyebrows in admission offices, while the very first question that admission officials will ask is “Why? while every teenager fantasizes about getting up lacking any alarm clock or eating lunch where in actuality the menu never mentions chicken à la king”

Because online programs are commonly less rigorous than in-school people (or at the least tend to be viewed in that way by the school folks, even when that’s really maybe not the full situation), your daughter’s applications should give you the thinking behind this move.

A few of the reasons that admission officials would probably see as sound people include: